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Hi guys, i’m back with another post on All about me. so here we gooooooooo!!!!!!!

Hi guys my name is Pateep.z .
I love to use either my phone or use my computer. I have favorite games: Minecraft, Angry Birds Space, Skyrim and Zombieville. My favorite sport is Footy and tennis. My hobbies at school is to play kick to kick with my best friend Xavier or play pointers up (footy). My home hobbies are either use my phone or my computer playing Minecraft.

πŸ™‚ I like watching my favorite T.V shows: The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Two And A Half Men.
πŸ™ I dislike doing the bins on a Wednesdays when my dad doesn’t pay me any money for all my hard work.
My mum just had a baby girl!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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100 word challenge

whisle,whisle)” A boy named Kevin was walking to the milkbar. “now,what do I need” Kevin was soposed to get some icecream for his parents but he had extra money so he helped him self with a packet of lollies. but itgold wasn’t ordinary money it was diamonds and gold. He was too cheeky to get one packet that he got 50 packets. “I hope mum and dad doesn’t find out” so on the way back home he ate everything and got so sick he had apolagised to his parents. So they forgave him in a very nervus way but still forgave him“(

100 word challenge

The sun is up and the ROCKET made of BUBBLE RAP flew with PURPLE BALLOONS coming out of its rear. Then the PURPLE GIRAFFES woke up to travel. The ROCKET was flying next to the PURPLE GIRAFFES and the GIRAFFES did not get scared but the funny thing is they usually do. There is a good village called Sarastro. It is full of really kind people called Sarastrians. There is also a bad village called Deltoramogress.The deltoramogressians always swear and stick up the rude finger.Sarastro is rich that’s why they are nice, they even give you free diamonds and golden ingots. They are so nice that when you are poor they make you rich. They also offer you your favourite food.

100 word challenge

Just another MARVELLOUS day at the flying CASTLE. The king had a really cool PINK pig that Flew through the hall of fame. The past had sat there in the hall of fame so the king could never lose keeping in touch with his father and all grand parents. The hall of fame was full of pictures of all the kings who lived at the flying CASTLE of Voltiss. Voltiss is a very loud village but everyone there is so nice. The people waved at the king NOISILY as the Flying CASTLE of Voltiss flies towards the beutiful mountain with the view of the whole world.

London Olympics Mascots 2012

Hey guys sorry I didn’t write this earlier….. but any way…” “you Know what I haven’t done in a long time?” “Dance intros” ” why do I have a sword?” Oh right what was I talking about? oh right I was talking about the… LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 MASCOTS!!!!!!!!!! I know awesome right….. yeaaaaah. So first up is the one and only… Mandeville. Mandeville is a runner, he rides on a bike, plays soccer & plays basketball.His color is blue. Next up is the one and only Wenlock. Wenlock is a rower, she does single stick and swims. Her color is orange. Here are some pictures.

100 word challenge

On a really balanced day with perfect weather not too hot not too cold,
there was a big, huuuuuuge, gigantic, scaaaaaly dragon that was sleeping
on the top of my roof i was really amazed on what I had seen. I accidently made a sudden movment that mad a sound that woke the dragon.
Then… the dragon slowly stirred and when he saw me it stared at me, and I got anxious that he would kill me but he didn’t. so I wasn’t scared any more. So yeah… he looked really cool and I have a picture
of him & yeah.

Magnetapult that I got at my dads work.

On the eighteenth of the Fourth I walked to my dads work, and one of his work mates gave me a catapult that used magnets and it was called the magnetapult. It launches by pressing a little button that doesn’t use electricity or wires. The magnetapult isn’t made of any plastic or metal or anything like that, its actually made of ply wood. so yeah….. You may think you get it already put together by the creator like normal models but have to build it…. yeah that’s right—> just like Lego but wooden. The bullets are actually bouncy balls as you can see on the photo. So I give the magnetapult a 9/10 because it is probably the coolest thing iv’e ever seen as a model/ object. So don’t forget to comment on this post……
My dads workmate was called Pete Small. medium wp-image-107″ />

The Holidays

On the holidays we went to the beach to go surfing & boogie boarding. I caught a green wave with my boogie board and then went on the side but……. I got smashed by a big washing machine wave kind of thing. My mum had a baby called Jolie-Eliana-Monica-Zulliger. I know, long name right so yeah. My dad and I went to target to get some stuff for Jolie and to get me a Lego toy called split-face. The baby is so cute and when ever I see her I just feel like squeezing her into my arms. sorry this post was late but at least I got it on my blog so… yeah.:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚