6 Word story

I’m totally different to my friend.
When you are incouraged you feel happy.
Friendship is no myth on Earth
Happiness is the best thing EVER!Being
Belief is what you asked for.

Australian Olympic Athlete for Archery Taylor Worth

Taylor Worth is the only male archer chosen for the London Olympics 2012. He won four games including a game against Sky Kim countryman at the Olympic tournament in Ogden, Utah in June. He also beat number one Brady Ellison to finish sixth. In 2011 Worth played at the London test event at Lord’s Cricket Ground. He won against the powerful Italians in the team event. He is my favorite archer because he had been very brave to win four games and I bet he must be proud of himself. Taylor Worth is 21 years old, he comes from WA (AKA: Western Australia) and is not in a group so that pretty much means he’s individual. For an archer who is by himself and won four games, that’s really good.So that’s why he’s my favorite archer.

Taylor Worth

Mrs Raysons 112 word challenge

The house on the cliff.

The sun is setting and the night of horror. “ahhhhh! ghosts!” “There too fast for me!” A man called Sully was hunting for food until a he ghost came out of no where and chased him to the house on a cliff and that is not a good place. People don’t live there but who ever dares to stay the night they get haunted but the sounds of screams and ghost sounds. No one has come out alive. They died of horrofied
shock when they see the face on in the window of a little girl that lived there in the house. The shocking scary smile kills you.

Monkey Business

AHHH” (*panting*) “I have to outrun those big monkeys with small
heads!” “Hup-gph” (rick jumps) Rick tried steal jewel that was one of a kind called Uranium. He needed it for his city called Nevius.(*panting*) “got the Urnium jewel but now I have to run through the… Bridge of Running and that is not good place. You have to run or sprint, bank or turn and slide of jump. “hup-mph” (rick jumps again) “ahhh! they’er catching up tp me!”The monkeys catch up but don’t actually catch him because he is too fast for the ” big monkeys with small heads!?” Rick askes himself while shouting.”why deos it have to be big monkeys with small heads.?””huh?”. Rick askes himself again. “Wait if they can run on a cliff then they can fall off a cliff”.”Right! I’ll just trick them that i am running off but really I’m going to turn. “They want to chase and catch me so they’ll follow where ever I go !” “nice one rick!” As rick plans an escape he realises that he’s not talking to anybody and he always tells everyone that he doesen’t talk to himself.”HEY GORILLA-ZILLA!” shouted Rick.”WANT TO TAST YOUR OWN MEDICINE!?” Rick runs to the edge of the cliff ready to make a stiff turn.”Not yet…Not yet…NOW
Hup-ph!” YEAH< WOOHOO!!!" Rick gets back to his city. Ricks mum says "wheres Fred?"......Back at the temple: "Rick?.. Rick?.. I just dressed up as those monkeys to get away but you left me. Rick?!!"

Photo Competition

Sorry this was late guys but I chose an awesome picture to do for the photo competition. if you look at the photo down below you will love it!!! And all the people who have gone on my blog at home don’t forget to subscribe my page.

Water is what I chose to do

Ps Vita (Veeta) Recount

On the weekend my dad, mum and I went to Harvey Norman to get a memory card for my psvita. I just couldn’t wait`11!! When we got there we couldn’t find it! I got really worried that I shouted at my dad to ask someone. In my head I said… “OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” So we asked someone. The staff led us to the psvita isle. When we got to the isle, I was surprised! My eyes grew bigger and bigger. The psvita was already out in Australia. Then finally we found it… when we got back home I played for almost 6 hours. I was sooooooo Happy!!!

Paradise Lost?

I recon that Bali should be treated like a real island, not like a savage island where there’s rubbish and all that other stuff you don’t want to know. Bali is a great place to have a surf or a holiday. I agree to say no to rubbish on a paradise island. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :).

207 word challenge

One gloomy night a boy wasn’t obeying his mother when he was supposed to go to bed. “Go to your room!” his mother said. The boy was very shocked at his mother how she would shout at him, he started crying. The next day the boy ditched his house because he was very angry at his mother. Then all of a sudden the boy comes across a fresh dragon tooth. Then he realized there was blood on the tooth. He knew it was a dragon tooth because his dad who had passed away told him and showed him a real dragon tooth. Then he went back to his house. He went to his bedroom and slept. In the middle of the night he heard a really loud roar.He looked out of his window and saw a huge black shadow shaped as a dragon. The shadow landed in front of his window lying down as if it was dead. He jumped out and the dragon got up and flew away back to where its nest is. It left with a loud roar. “so dad was right” “dragons are real” the boy smiled. the next day the boy told his mother and the mother had said “sorry” for shouting.