Hi guys,

My name is Julio Pateep Zulliger. I know when you first went on my blog you saw all these Minecraft people around my background… well thats my Minecraft skin. It’s just I LOVE Minecraft because it is an awesome game that I play ALL that time. Let me also tell you all about ME.

My favourite colour is mostly gold (AKA: BUDDER!), silver, black, blue and red. I have a little sister called Jolie and she just learned how to stand up. Yesterday she took one tiny step forward and then she fell on her BUM. Luckily the had a nappy on for her pillow. My dad is addicted to photography and he always wants me to model for him… BUT I SAY “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” so yeah. My favourite hobbies are either to play video games, Watch TV or play some LEGO so I get better at building skills for Minecraft. My favourite shows are: The Big Bang Theory, YSM (your skitting me), Horrible Histories, M.K.R and Funniest Home Videos. I HATE homework because I have go to school for 6 hours already and when we go home we are supposed to have fun like play Minecraft and do other things,  NOT  do another  2 hours of work. In other words for homework, it’s just plain boring. My dad forces me to do homework and chores on weekends and day off’s. What do you think they give us a day off for, homework? NO , you have fun. Weekends are definitely NOT  for homework. Okay week DAYS are for homework. But In my school, they give us HEAPS of homework. I would only want a bit of homework. My favourite movie is The Hobbit or Iron Man 3. That’s all about me. Thanks for visiting this page.

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