Chosen Charity

Hi guys, well I’m here to tell you about the charity my group and I have chosen to donate to on mission day. Okay so lets started. My group and I have chosen to donate to the R.C.H (Royal Children’s Hospital). We are donating in a fun way where you donate, AND do activities run by the grade 5/6’s. Now the fun way is to pay for the activities, no biggie because they only pay under $2.00 so it won’t cost very much for a giant time of fun. To people who don’t go to my school, Mission day is when you have a GIANT day with all these fun and big activities and win prizes or getting lollies (lollies MUST be home made though) and we try our hardest to make the activities… okay I’ve said activities too much times, lets just call them games. Okay so what was I saying? oh right so we try our hardest to make the games fare. All the money that the people/kids/children pay us to play the games or the… you know what, goes to that one charity that we chose. so that’s how the charity donating works at our school… but… I don’t know if the other schools do what we do for donating to charities maybe, maybe not. so bye!!! This is what a baby would look like if YOU donated to the RCH–> (Royal Children’s Hospital).:) 😀 😐 😉

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