Homework Hundred Word Challenge

“(sniff sniff)ah” I relaxingly smell the quiet and beautiful breeze. “What a beautiful day” The birds were chirping to a new day and the wind blew not too strong, not too soft, it was just perfect. All I could see was the trees swaying in a way of peace. “Finally, a day with no trouble where I can relax and be free” I was so happy to be relaxing on a rocking chair at the front of my house greeting everyone that walks past. A car was passing by …. The car stopped suddenly in front of my house. “Grand Dad!”

Number 10 Challenge

Michael Jackson                                                                     student blogging challenge

“Why did you change your skin to white?”

“How did you create the moonwalk?”

“Do you get stage fright everytime you perform?”


“Why did you sacrifice yourself ?”

“What is it like in Heaven?”

“Did you ever get in a fight?”

William Shakespear

“When did you have a passion of poems?”

“Was it hard to create all the poems you have created?”

“What was the hardest part of your story life?”


“Was it hard making minecraft?”

“What other computer games have you created?”

“Why did you pass minecraft on to Jeb?”

Stephen Hawking

“What happened to you for you to earn a wheel chair with an electronic voice?”

“How did you become SO smart?”

“Can you answer 890,789,153,335,363,548 x 9000?”

“Is it easy for you to do maths?”


“When did you start your youtube channel?”

“What is your real name?”

“If you heard about BUDDER coming out in minecraft and they cancelled it what would you do?”

Barack Obama

“If you were to make a big change to the world what would you change it to?”

“When did you want to be the president of USA?”

“How do you win a debate so easily?”


“What got you into ERB?”

“How do you make the lyrics up?”

“How is nicepeter  going?”


Pixel Rush Glaze

Hello everybody I would like to show you guys what my favorite game song is… It is called Pixel Rush by the music remixer Glaze. I like this song because i like video games SO much that I found a song with game sounds in it. It is a pretty cool song. The genre of the song is dubstep. Dubstep is a variety of electronic music. Lots of people have danced to dubstep but they dance like robots insted of grooving through the building. if you want to listen to Pixel Rush by Glaze then go on youtube and search glaze then click on it. OR you can watch this video.

Hope you like it 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Hi guys this is another non-homework and blog project because I REALLY like giving you guys the opportunity to know more about what I read at home. Today is PIRATES!

Pirates are from all different kinds of places. America, France, Books, Movies all that stuff. But they all do the same thing which is “looting”. Looting is where you steal from other places and steal from other people and then KILL THEM!

Q1)What is a pirate?
A1)A pirate is someone who steals from ships and ports.

Q2)Who was Afraid of the Barbarossas (bar-bar-oss-as)?
A1)The Barbarossas two pirate brother ade “everyone” was scared of them!

Q3)When were pirates not pirates?
A3)Pirates were not pirates when they were privateers.

Q4)Did sailors fight the pirates?
A4)Yes the sailors fought hard on the pirates.

Q5)Wahat did pirates do with their money?
A5)Pirates spent their money in public houses.

Q6)Could women be pirates?
A6)Women also can be pirates, in fact a women called Mary Read dressed up as a man and became a pirate. but unfortunately her ship got raided by Calico Jack so she decided to join him and his wife Anne Bonney. Anne and her became friends and attacked the navy together.

Q7)Whose prisoners ate caterpillars?
A7)Ching Shih’s prisoners ate caterpillars with bowled rice. She was a very strict chinese captain

Q8)Where did pirates sleep
A8)Pirates slept either on the deck or below the deck in hammocks.

Q9)What did pirates eat?
A9)Pirates usually ate dry biscuits and pickled meat. The cooks had either one leg or arm and couldn’t fight.

Q10)Who was afraid of a flag?
A10)Merchant sea men were very terrified of a flag.

Q11)Where were all the jewels?
A11)All the jewels were everywhere around the world.

Q12)How did pirates find their way?
A12)Pirates found their way with a compass, telescope and a map.

Q13)What ate Captain Hook’s and?
A13)Captain Hook was a pirate from Peter Pan. Peter cut hook’s hand off and fed it to a crocodile.


Q14)Was a pirate that was religious?
A14)Yes there was! I’m not sure what his name was but I know he refused to fight every Sunday because he was VERY religious!

Thanks for reading! hope to see you next time bye!;) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😀

Ancient Egypt

Hi guys, I know this isn’t homework or a blog project but I just felt like doing it just to let other people who don’t know much about Ancient Egypt get some info on what Ancient Egypt is.

So basically the word “Ancient” means it was before all the 1950 stuff, it was when everyone had NO tv’s, NO computers, NO phones, iPhone’s, apple anything like that. Egyptians had to work their life just to get enough money, food, a house and crops. Here are some questions from a few people that I saw but I cannot tell you their names because they are people I don’t know so I’m sorry but that’s just the way it runs.

Q1)What guards the great pyramid?
A1)Well pyramids are full of rare items like gold, silver, jewelry and much more. Obviously people would try to steal all of it so the slaves carved a giant stone statue of a sphinx. Now the sphinx is a mythical animal that has a body of lion and a head of man!

Q2)What were mummies kept in?
A2)Mummies were kept in these special kinds of coffins called a mummy case AKA sarcophagus (sarc-off-a-gus) Pharaohs had sarcophagus’s that were decorated REALLY nicely for the pharaoh. The Pharaohs would be buried in a tomb with all the stuff that he would need in the after-life even furniture!

Q3)Was there a king that was only a boy?
A3)Yes there was a boy king. most of you have probably heard of him, known as Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun became king when he was only nine years old and died when he was eighteen years old!

Now for the final question…

Q4)How did Egyptians cook?
A4)Some ancient Egyptians cooked their food in a clay oven. Others cooked on an open fire. Clay ovens were made from baked clay bricks. Wood or charcoal were burned as fuel. Cooks used pottery saucepans with two handles.

so hope you liked it, if not do NOT put any mean comments or comments that could hurt my feelings!

See you guys next time bye! 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 :D

Tutankhamun’s REAL face!

Ancient Egyptian clay oven!|

Chosen Charity

Hi guys, well I’m here to tell you about the charity my group and I have chosen to donate to on mission day. Okay so lets started. My group and I have chosen to donate to the R.C.H (Royal Children’s Hospital). We are donating in a fun way where you donate, AND do activities run by the grade 5/6’s. Now the fun way is to pay for the activities, no biggie because they only pay under $2.00 so it won’t cost very much for a giant time of fun. To people who don’t go to my school, Mission day is when you have a GIANT day with all these fun and big activities and win prizes or getting lollies (lollies MUST be home made though) and we try our hardest to make the activities… okay I’ve said activities too much times, lets just call them games. Okay so what was I saying? oh right so we try our hardest to make the games fare. All the money that the people/kids/children pay us to play the games or the… you know what, goes to that one charity that we chose. so that’s how the charity donating works at our school… but… I don’t know if the other schools do what we do for donating to charities maybe, maybe not. so bye!!! This is what a baby would look like if YOU donated to the RCH–> (Royal Children’s Hospital).:) 😀 😐 😉

Special something

Hello everyone this isn’t special to you but it is to me so hope you enjoy.

My special something is a game. Now I know what your thinking it isn’t really a special thing because its a game but this is my interest not yours. The game is called… Minecraft.
Minecraft is a voxel based video game created in Sweden from a man named Notch (Markus Persson). I started to like it when I got the game but before was a whole different story. The first time my dad showed me was when we got this new device called “Boxee”.Now the boxee connects to you TV so you can watch movies, look at photos and even go on the internet, so that’s when he saw the video featured on the homepage of youtube. Then he showed me so I gave it a try and I found out it was a REALLY good game, and then I thought it was special to “me”. That’s how it all started. ^

Oh right and um… I kind of went over the limit of words, because I really wanted to tell you the WHOLE story, and that screenshot was a picture of what I built. Its a medieval church. 🙂 hope you enjoyed. Bye 🙂 😛 😐 🙁 😀 😉