Big Idea

Today we had big idea and it was lot of fun. We had to choose something that we wanted to know more about. I chose Video games. I had to make a poster of what digital games can do to your development in life. I found out the your eyes can end up with the white part red and everything else lumpy. We also showed off our drawing skills with some art pieces from draw squad. Draw squad is where you go out of your comfort zone and draw something you have never seen before. The way that we showed all our hard work was in an expo. If you have a son, daughter or even if your a kid yourself the I recommend that they or you should only play digital games occasionally because if you watched the news or listened to the radio, they said that a boy was playing X-box for 12 hours and ended up with blood clot. Now you don’t want you or your kids to get that don’t you. My draw squad pieces were sonic the were-hog and angry birds space. So at the expo there was loads more than what I did but I’m still proud of it. So that is what grade 5&6 St Therese did for big idea at the expo. It took a whole term until we set up the expo for Big idea and then came the holidays where most of us would have had a rest after all the work standing explaining what they did. So hope you enjoyed reading this page and don’t forget to leave a comment. Bye:)

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