Week Reflection 1

On Monday, we started to build our Trash ‘n’ Fashion designs. Riley Lewis and I decided to build a hat, glasses, a tie, a belt and a moustache made of newspaper, cardboard and plastic along with the mother load of tape. The next day, Riley was absent so I pretty much had to make everything. It actually wasn’t that hard by myself. I got everything the way I imagined it, and it all went well. On Wednesday Riley was STILL absent. I was getting quite frustrated because the next day was the Trash ‘n’ Fashion show. I hoped he was at school the next day.  Okay, so on Thursday, Riley was actually at school! I was SO happy. Today is the Trash ‘n’ Fashion show and I’m seeing lots of other cloths and accessories. At the end of the show, the hosts came up to the stage and gave a round of applauds to the models one by one. On Friday, we had a Fathers Day stall and I bought some stuff from there. Tomorrow is Dad’s birthday and we are going to Warrnambool to go “Whale Watching”!

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