Week Reflection 2

On Monday I was in Warrnambool to watch the whales. We were just leaving there. When we got back home, I started to play Minecraft because it was a special occasion. Tuesday I was back at school and we had to do our normal schedule, as usual. At snack time, I played basketball with my friends. At lunch time, I did the same thing. On Wednesday, I woke up at 5:18. I was pumped to go to school for some reason. At school, I was also doing the normal school schedule, AGAIN. At snack, my friends and I played a game called downball. At lunch, we played basketball. On Thursday it was specialist day. That day is where you do sport, debating, drama, Indonesian and art. In sport we did hockey. My team dominated. In debating we did something called Schoolebrity Apprentice. We had to make a supermarket product for a that would be found on shelves in a supermarket called Woolworths. For Drama, we had to create a performance in fast, normal and slow motion. It was hard for slow motion. For Indonesian, we continued our Lorax book pages. It was REALLY fun because you had to write the sentences in Indonesian. For art we had to create freak night decorations. I quite liked it because you were allowed to do anything scary. Me and Noah. G made scream. On Friday, ALL of the grade 6’s played their chosen sport. I chose softball. In softball, we won by a lot. That’s the end of the week reflection. 🙂

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