Start and Stop Poem

At the Centre,

Every little wisping soul surrounds you. You might be in a big fight… In the middle of  crowd. It takes more than just walking to get into the centre. Your emotions push you to the limit of living a hard life. Sometimes you’re the only one happy in a group or two. Depressing times can cause you to be the odd one out. My outside is a curious person. Under that is a tech user. Under that I am I am full of wonder. Under that I am down-right jolly. And at my centre, well, I’m an artist. So if you really want to know who you really are inside, well let me tell you something, it all starts “At the Centre”.

4 thoughts on “Start and Stop Poem

  1. Sup Pateep,
    It was a very good wait, very Epicly Awesome poem. That was something that I never excepted from you. it was very awesome. The description was very intrigging. What made you think of doing somthing like that? The only bad thing is that your sentences were in a paragraph and it would have made it better if it was sentence under sentence. Other than that it was an awesome poem Pateep, keep up the good work.


  2. PATEEP,
    THAT WAS SUPER MEGA AWESOME. And like what lukeyboy$$$ said i would never ever once in my life expect something like that from you and i would know because i’m one of your good friends, i think.
    any way AWESOME JOB.

  3. Hay Pateep,

    What was that story based on it seemed really interesting even your picture was one of a kind it really stood out but in a good way and where did you get the idea from.


  4. Hi Patee,
    It is really a great text. Keep on with it.

    We enjoyed your visit very much and hope that you come back soon again. We have some more watertesting to do.

    You are a great swimmer and diver.

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