Week Reflection

Monday 13 May

Today I was in Melbourne to drop off my Dad at the airport, because he had to go to Singapore for work. I asked my Dad if I could stay at my cousin’s house. My Dad said ” yes and here, enjoy you’re Minecraft weekend.” As soon as I arrived at the house, I played Minecraft all day.

Tuesday 14 May

Today the grade 5’s had their Naplan and the grade 6-ers did activities with their prep buddies. After that we had a choice of two movies that we would go to and watch. I chose “Life Of Pi” and so did my other friends. We didn’t get to finish it though. We had to write a report of each scene we though was interesting. After school my unrelated auntie said she would pick me up everyday since she would be staying with us for a week while my dad was in Singapore.

Wednesday 15 May

Today we finished off the life of Pi movie and then we had to draw up 6 boxes with the start and the finish. When I say start to finish I mean the first box with the start and the last box with the end. The 4 other boxes in between were our 4 favourite scenes in order. We helped out our buddies again. When I got home I found out my little baby sister was at the doctors. After that, my “unrelated” auntie told me to do my homework, which you guys are reading right now.

Thursday 16 May

Today we started our good copy of the 6 boxes of Life of Pi. I didn’t finish it but a few people did. We had to do “fun” activities with our prep buddies again. My buddy wasn’t at school today so I helped out my friend with his buddies. He has 2 buddies and he always says it’s hard work so I volunteered to help. After school my unrelated auntie didn’t show up for a while because she usually appears  on the left hand side of the school. When I looked on the right, she was there the whole time.

Friday 17 May

Today I went home early because I had to go to Melbourne to pick my dad up from the airport from Singapore. We stayed at my grand auntie’s house in south bank. the next day we woke up at about 6 and went to the airport. It took a bit to find my dad, but when I looked a the last bench, I saw him *right* at the edge of the bench. When we got home, I went straight to my bedroom to play LEGO.

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