*pant pant* “we’ve been running from those creepers for AGES!” complains splitface . “Fine. Lets kill them” agrees maxrox. They unsheathed their blades from the covers of the swords on their back. “CHARGE!” shouts splitface1712 while he charges with maxrox202. *HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* A creeper is charging up to blow like a dynamite. “Not so fast. AHHHHHHH!” maxrox says to the creeper about to chop his head off. *slice*. “come on lets go!” splitface hurries maxrox. *pant pant pant* “Are we done running?” asks maxrox with curiosity. “YEAH!” replies splitface.


Splitface and Maxrox both went to get some wood but…”How are we supposed to find wood without any trees?” asks splitface with worry in his face. “Well….Uh…Um…THERE, A TREE!” maxrox points to one single tree standing up in the middle of nowhere. “Why is there only one?” splitface asks. “Uhhh… I’m not sure. lets just chop it down.” maxrox explains. “But how? we don’t have ANY tools. All I have is 18 pieces of dirt.”splitface cried. ” YOU only have dirt. I on the other hand, have everything we need to make a camp with.” says maxrox. “YEAH! WE HAVE TOOLS!” shouts splitface. “Hello? H..H…Hello? W…Who’s out there?” anxiously says a person. “who was that” asked splitface.”I don’t know. Lets check it out.” maxrox replies. “WOOFYSCAR!?” shouts splitface in surprise. ” How did you find this server!?” “I was looking for pvp/survival servers on this random website and I found this server.” Woofyscar explains. “But why would you bother checking out this server when there are other great servers?” asks maxrox. “Well beside it it had 9 and a half stars of rating. And it says you can /sethome and /tpa”Woofy says. “Yeah you can do all those things. Watch. max go far away.” split commands to max. “Okay” agrees max” *type type type type type* split typed up this :/tpa maxrox202. “max tpaccept please.” “okay” replies max.” *DING* split was teleported straight to maxrox. “COOL!” says Woofyscar. “do the sethome thingie.” “okay” agrees split. *type type type type type* split typed this: /sethome *DING* split now had a home and he could go back to it by typing /home then he would automatically teleport to his house. “I will go to spawn now” said split.  *type type type type type* He typed again but this time he typed this: /spawn. He teleported straight to where he spawned. “now go back to your “/home”okay?” says Woofy. “okay” replies split.  *type type type type type* He typed:/home “COOL!” Woofy said. “Lets go build a base” requested max. Split was not sure about building abase underground because the past few times he did everyone who past by could see his name tag, so he asked, “where should we build the base though?” “under ground of course, where else?” Woofy replied. “NO! not under ground. We will build under the sea bed. No one will expect that.” split said. “good idea. Under the sea bed it is.” max replied. So all three of them went looking for the ocean to build under.

6 Minecraft days past and they didn’t find any ocean, only some monsters, other players and random and boring old trees. “Guys, I think I see the ocean.” split said as he was walking towards the deep blue shining sea. “Finally. We’ve been travelling for ages as if we were in Jesus time where you had to walk to get somewhere.” max complained. “I wasn’t walking at all. I was riding this big, fat, pink and stinky pig.” split boasted.” Hey guys! I made boats for everyone to get across the ocean easier.”Woofy said while finishing of the last boat he had to make. “Great! now we can relax instead of swim.” max said. So all three of them went across the sea to look for a little island right next to the ocean to set up camp for the night. The next morning split and max found three trees for each of them. Max got the one on the left and split got the middle one. The sound of wood being cut woke up Woofy, so he took the tree on the right. Then they made tools, then found minerals like coal and iron. By the time it was night fall, they had a tone of iron. “good night everyone.” says split about to sleep like a baby. “goodnight” max and Woofy replies.

The END                                                 Riding the Pig…                                                                

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  1. Hi Pateep great story and especially the description of the writing but the problem is where’s split_back me.A connection would be me when i play on pvp severs and was that server Mike land.But over all good story.:)

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