Student Blogging Challenge 6- Digital Footprints

My personality online is way different to my real personality. Sometimes I lie to people in Minecraft so I can kill them to get their rare things but I don’t really do that. I also say big unnecessary words like “woe” to confuse people. Obviously I don’t say stuff like that. It is EXTREMELY rare for me to swear because I only ever do it when I’m frustrated or EXTREMELY furious. I even say computer words like lol, soz, troll, rofl all that stuff. The most different to my personality is my name. You all know my name is Pateep, yeah? well… My name online is either jpCHUMBO or splitface1712 those names aren’t even close to my REAL name. Now, in Minecraft you can make your own skin (character). My skin is a Giant Lol face with BUDDER armour and a BUDDER crown (BUDDER is gold) on. My real personality skin is black hair, yellowish brown skin and DARK brown eyes. Online I seriously HATE squids. In real life I don’t them. Those are all my secrets about me online. This is my online profile photo. Weird huh? BYE!


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