Commenting Guidelines

If you want to comment and say like ” I don’t like this post” it will hurt the writers feelings. It would be better to say “good effort“.

Also when you write a comment you are supposed to use proper words like for example:if you to say “i’m gonna do this. Would u like to du ths”or ” thx, that was nise” no that’s wrong. Just plain wrong because its incorrect grammar and bad English. I modified that to this ” I am going to do this. Would you like to do this?” Ah that’s better.

You are definitely NOT supposed to troll people because if you troll they might take it the wrong way and they could end up calling the police.

Don’t swear in comments because if you are a student a teacher might visit the exact same blog and accidentally see your comment then your in for it the next day at school.

Your comments also need to be about relevant to the topic you read or watched. Like on youtube I saw a minecraft video and I looked at the comments and I saw someone say ” thx but i’ll keep my money” EHHHH! 

Its good to invite people to comment by asking a question so they can say their opinion for example “I think lego should have WAY more builds because lego is getting boring.What do you think?” that would make people want to comment to *that* comment.

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