Number 10 Challenge

Michael Jackson                                                                     student blogging challenge

“Why did you change your skin to white?”

“How did you create the moonwalk?”

“Do you get stage fright everytime you perform?”


“Why did you sacrifice yourself ?”

“What is it like in Heaven?”

“Did you ever get in a fight?”

William Shakespear

“When did you have a passion of poems?”

“Was it hard to create all the poems you have created?”

“What was the hardest part of your story life?”


“Was it hard making minecraft?”

“What other computer games have you created?”

“Why did you pass minecraft on to Jeb?”

Stephen Hawking

“What happened to you for you to earn a wheel chair with an electronic voice?”

“How did you become SO smart?”

“Can you answer 890,789,153,335,363,548 x 9000?”

“Is it easy for you to do maths?”


“When did you start your youtube channel?”

“What is your real name?”

“If you heard about BUDDER coming out in minecraft and they cancelled it what would you do?”

Barack Obama

“If you were to make a big change to the world what would you change it to?”

“When did you want to be the president of USA?”

“How do you win a debate so easily?”


“What got you into ERB?”

“How do you make the lyrics up?”

“How is nicepeter  going?”


One thought on “Number 10 Challenge

  1. G’day Pateep,
    What a great variety of people you would like to meet! I notice they are all male and I love your probing questions.

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