Hi guys this is another non-homework and blog project because I REALLY like giving you guys the opportunity to know more about what I read at home. Today is PIRATES!

Pirates are from all different kinds of places. America, France, Books, Movies all that stuff. But they all do the same thing which is “looting”. Looting is where you steal from other places and steal from other people and then KILL THEM!

Q1)What is a pirate?
A1)A pirate is someone who steals from ships and ports.

Q2)Who was Afraid of the Barbarossas (bar-bar-oss-as)?
A1)The Barbarossas two pirate brother ade “everyone” was scared of them!

Q3)When were pirates not pirates?
A3)Pirates were not pirates when they were privateers.

Q4)Did sailors fight the pirates?
A4)Yes the sailors fought hard on the pirates.

Q5)Wahat did pirates do with their money?
A5)Pirates spent their money in public houses.

Q6)Could women be pirates?
A6)Women also can be pirates, in fact a women called Mary Read dressed up as a man and became a pirate. but unfortunately her ship got raided by Calico Jack so she decided to join him and his wife Anne Bonney. Anne and her became friends and attacked the navy together.

Q7)Whose prisoners ate caterpillars?
A7)Ching Shih’s prisoners ate caterpillars with bowled rice. She was a very strict chinese captain

Q8)Where did pirates sleep
A8)Pirates slept either on the deck or below the deck in hammocks.

Q9)What did pirates eat?
A9)Pirates usually ate dry biscuits and pickled meat. The cooks had either one leg or arm and couldn’t fight.

Q10)Who was afraid of a flag?
A10)Merchant sea men were very terrified of a flag.

Q11)Where were all the jewels?
A11)All the jewels were everywhere around the world.

Q12)How did pirates find their way?
A12)Pirates found their way with a compass, telescope and a map.

Q13)What ate Captain Hook’s and?
A13)Captain Hook was a pirate from Peter Pan. Peter cut hook’s hand off and fed it to a crocodile.


Q14)Was a pirate that was religious?
A14)Yes there was! I’m not sure what his name was but I know he refused to fight every Sunday because he was VERY religious!

Thanks for reading! hope to see you next time bye!;) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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