Mrs Raysons 112 word challenge

The house on the cliff.

The sun is setting and the night of horror. “ahhhhh! ghosts!” “There too fast for me!” A man called Sully was hunting for food until a he ghost came out of no where and chased him to the house on a cliff and that is not a good place. People don’t live there but who ever dares to stay the night they get haunted but the sounds of screams and ghost sounds. No one has come out alive. They died of horrofied
shock when they see the face on in the window of a little girl that lived there in the house. The shocking scary smile kills you.

3 thoughts on “Mrs Raysons 112 word challenge

    • Hi Mrs Mahon i’m overseas visiting my grandparents. I’m sorry I am not aware what the big idea page is. Please explain and i’ll do it right away.

      Thanks from pateep

  1. Nice story and a bit scary. I like the picture you chose. Pateep now work on your big idea page and work on your swimming training.

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