Monkey Business

AHHH” (*panting*) “I have to outrun those big monkeys with small
heads!” “Hup-gph” (rick jumps) Rick tried steal jewel that was one of a kind called Uranium. He needed it for his city called Nevius.(*panting*) “got the Urnium jewel but now I have to run through the… Bridge of Running and that is not good place. You have to run or sprint, bank or turn and slide of jump. “hup-mph” (rick jumps again) “ahhh! they’er catching up tp me!”The monkeys catch up but don’t actually catch him because he is too fast for the ” big monkeys with small heads!?” Rick askes himself while shouting.”why deos it have to be big monkeys with small heads.?””huh?”. Rick askes himself again. “Wait if they can run on a cliff then they can fall off a cliff”.”Right! I’ll just trick them that i am running off but really I’m going to turn. “They want to chase and catch me so they’ll follow where ever I go !” “nice one rick!” As rick plans an escape he realises that he’s not talking to anybody and he always tells everyone that he doesen’t talk to himself.”HEY GORILLA-ZILLA!” shouted Rick.”WANT TO TAST YOUR OWN MEDICINE!?” Rick runs to the edge of the cliff ready to make a stiff turn.”Not yet…Not yet…NOW
Hup-ph!” YEAH< WOOHOO!!!" Rick gets back to his city. Ricks mum says "wheres Fred?"......Back at the temple: "Rick?.. Rick?.. I just dressed up as those monkeys to get away but you left me. Rick?!!"

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