207 word challenge

One gloomy night a boy wasn’t obeying his mother when he was supposed to go to bed. “Go to your room!” his mother said. The boy was very shocked at his mother how she would shout at him, he started crying. The next day the boy ditched his house because he was very angry at his mother. Then all of a sudden the boy comes across a fresh dragon tooth. Then he realized there was blood on the tooth. He knew it was a dragon tooth because his dad who had passed away told him and showed him a real dragon tooth. Then he went back to his house. He went to his bedroom and slept. In the middle of the night he heard a really loud roar.He looked out of his window and saw a huge black shadow shaped as a dragon. The shadow landed in front of his window lying down as if it was dead. He jumped out and the dragon got up and flew away back to where its nest is. It left with a loud roar. “so dad was right” “dragons are real” the boy smiled. the next day the boy told his mother and the mother had said “sorry” for shouting.

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    • Hi Xav you’re quite right but I just got inspired by the book because i like the book. What was your favorite part. Bye. pateep.

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